7 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Dentures – Chicago, IL

7 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Dentures – Chicago, IL

Dentures are one of the greatest inventions in the field of dentistry that are made to replace single or multiple missing teeth. They can either be partial or complete, depending on the patient’s needs. Wearing dentures offer many benefits – from improving the appearance of the teeth to boosting the patient’s self-confidence. Dental Town provides several forms of both partial and complete dentures.




Take out your dentures every night

Remove the oral appliance every night before going to bed. By doing so, you are giving your mouth and the denture a break. It also helps in preventing teeth grinding as you sleep.

Brush your denture like your natural teeth

Dentures are artificial teeth replacements, but it does not mean that they should not be cleaned. Proper hygiene is essential to promote good oral health and is equally important for dentures too. Brush your dentures every night or when not in use using a soft-bristled toothbrush and denture cleanser.

Soak dentures if not in use

Make sure to soak the oral appliance in a glass of water or a mild denture solution to keep the denture moist and prevent warping.

Handle dentures with care

Dentures are prone to breakage. To avoid this incidence, set the denture in a soft towel when cleaning the appliance.

Don’t wrap your dentures with paper towels

Store your dentures using transparent containers filled with water (not hot/boiling). Keep it away from children’s reach as well.

Visit the dentist regularly

Opt for follow-up dental visits after wearing a new denture. It will also be the time when the dentist will make some adjustments if the patient experiences irritation or discomfort.

Avoid home repair kits/DIY kits

If dentures have chips or cracks, take the oral appliance out of the mouth. Never attempt to continue using the appliance nor repair it with repair kits or other alternatives. If there are any signs of damage, go to the dentist immediately.


If you’re wearing dentures now and you’re not entirely comfortable with them, give us a call. We can discuss our Denture Services in Chicago, IL so that your dentures become more comfortable and more useful. At Dental Town, we make sure that our patients get the best possible solutions for their missing teeth.

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