At Dental Town, we understand that severe tooth decay and dental injuries are not only painful, but they can have lasting impacts on your overall oral health and wellness. That’s why our knowledgeable dentists provide gentle, effective root canal treatment to our Chicagoland patients. Our team works hard to repair teeth, restore smiles, and give you back your good oral health!

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment refers to a restorative procedure offered to save severely damaged, decayed, or infected teeth. Our dentists perform root canals to remove the infected material and root from inside your affected tooth and cleanse the remaining bacteria. Modern technology and treatment techniques have made the root canal a comfortable, straightforward procedure that prevents tooth loss.

In most cases, our team will perform a root canal in the presence of infection deep inside your tooth. The pulp inside the tooth may become infected with bacteria due to an injury, untreated cavity, or a prior treatment such as a filling. Without prompt treatment, the infection may become so severe that your tooth must be removed, leaving a gap in your smile.

At Dental Town, our skilled team is dedicated to restoring good oral health and helping our patients maintain their natural, confident smiles. We have years of expertise and experience to deliver the highest standard of care to our valued patients in the Chicagoland area. You can trust us for gentle root canal treatment and other quality restorative dentistry services.

What Should I Expect During A Root Canal?

Your dentist has just recommended you schedule a root canal. That’s okay. Our team is here to walk through every step of the procedure so you feel comfortable and at ease during your visit. Here’s what you can expect during the treatment:

  • To begin your root canal procedure, your dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb your tooth. This will reduce any discomfort you may experience and help you relax. After your tooth is fully numb, your dentist will place a dental dam in your mouth to keep the tooth dry and free of saliva during the procedure.
  • Your dentist will create a small hole in the crown (or top) of your tooth to gain access to the interior cavity. Next, our team will remove the infected material from the inside of your tooth and tooth roots.
  • Once your tooth interior has been thoroughly cleaned and flushed of bacteria and debris, your dentist will fill and seal the tooth. You may receive a filling or crown as needed. This will restore the function of your tooth and prevent future infection.

Do You Accept Walk-ins and Emergency Appointments?

Yes, Dental Town welcomes walk-ins! Our team will see you as soon as scheduling permits to provide you with quality care. We also offer emergency appointments to treat injuries, accidents, and other dental conditions. No matter your dental needs, our Chicagoland practice is here to serve!

Do You Accept Insurance?

Dental Town is in-network with many dental insurance providers. Our team also accepts most PPO plans, major credit cards and offer payment plans. For your convenience, we offer affordable financing options with CareCredit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canals?

Are Root Canals Painful?

A root canal can be an anxiety-inducing procedure, but the treatment is quite comfortable and straightforward. Our dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb your mouth before treatment, preventing any pressure or discomfort you may feel.

How Much Do Root Canals Cost?

The cost of your root canal procedure will depend on your unique case, such as the location in your mouth and the tooth that requires treatment. Our team will discuss all treatment costs and payment options during your visit.

How Long is a Root Canal Procedure?

The length of your procedure will depend on your unique case, such as the position of your tooth and the condition of the tooth receiving treatment. Our dentist will explain what to expect during your root canal before your procedure.