ClearCorrect is one of the top alternatives to intrusive and uncomfortable metal braces. It’s a patient-customized plan of treatment created to fix imperfections like spacing and straightness of teeth. ClearCorrect uses BPA-free, clear corrective plastic aligners that gently pull the teeth into place. Here are some the benefits of ClearCorrect:

Virtually Invisible

ClearCorrect treatment uses clear aligners that are made from thermoplastic materials which are inconspicuous. People may never even notice you’re wearing them!


Although it’s important to wear your aligners 22 hours per day, it’s great to know that they can be removed to eat whatever you like and to brush and floss as you normally do.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Patients who receive ClearCorrect treatment easily can remove the aligners and rinse them using water and soap whenever necessary. They also can be brushed similar to the way you would with your regular teeth.

Comfortable and Effective

ClearCorrect aligners are molded to the contours of natural teeth. Because they’re almost flat, the possibility of causing accidental cuts is virtually eliminated, significantly improving overall comfort. What’s more, the aligners are made to apply the proper amount of pressure over all of the tooth’s surface. Braces made from metal rely on wires and contact components, which do not distribute those forces as uniformly and may cause damage to the teeth themselves.


The aligners are safe for use during almost all activities. Clear aligner selections are great for athletes who play contact sports.