Dentures are prosthetic devices that function as false teeth. They may be a substitution for all (complete) or some (partial) teeth. They support the muscles in the face and mouth tissues and provide functions such as talking and chewing.

Partial Dentures

For someone missing multiple teeth, partial dentures may be utilized to restore mouth health. Partials come in a couple of forms: fixed (permanent) or removable. A prosthesis is designed from a metal framework that holds the replacement teeth in place. Each choice will present its own advantages, depending on a patient’s needs.

Removable partials may be taken out and put back in without the assistance of a dentist. They’ll attach to the rest of the natural teeth using precision locator attachments or metal clasps. This capability of being removed permits for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Fixed partials are permanently attached prosthetic devices that are supported by natural teeth or implants that act as a substitution for one or perhaps more, missing teeth. Fixed, partial dentures are known as bridges and are recognized as advanced dental solutions.

Complete Dentures

Traditional Dentures have been the preferred selection for patients missing an entire arch of teeth for decades. They’re able to help patients regain a more aesthetically pleasing smile and function related to speaking and eating. Traditional dentures provide an affordable choice for teeth replacement.

Usually, full upper dentures cover the whole palate of the top mouth and create a large surface area for an attachment. All of the suction between the denture and the soft tissues create an air-tight seal that allows secure adhesion.

A set of full lower dentures may present some stability and adhesion problems. The anatomy of the bottom jaw doesn’t permit as much adhesion. Additionally, the bottom jaw is a lot more active. Your bottom jaw is the main mover in swallowing, eating, and speaking. For those reasons, excellent adhesion is more challenging to accomplish when handling complete bottom dentures.

While they do take time to adjust to, many patients who wear dentures find them to be an excellent option both in appearance and function.