Imagine yourself with a new set of teeth allowing you to smile with confidence, speak and laugh freely, and consume the foods you love to eat. Now imagine that you would be able to achieve this new set of teeth in only one day. That might sound too good to be true; however, it isn’t. In many cases, a single day is all we need at Dental Town to provide you with a new smile with implants.

When you select Dental Town for your implants, our in-house dental laboratory gives us the ability to create custom-made teeth to use the same day you receive your implants. You’ll use these teeth over your implants while your oral cavity heals. As the healing process is complete, we’ll use the feedback you provide to tailor a final set of teeth for optimal beauty, function and fit.

What If I Need Extractions?

Our dentist is a highly experienced implant dental professional who has the ability to conduct tooth extractions and implant placement in a single day in many cases. However, some patients don’t have the gum and/or bone health for same-day extractions and implants and might require a healing period between implants and extractions. Make certain that you ask the dentist during the consultation if one-day extractions and implants are possible for you.

Do Not Wait. Let Us Get Your Smile Back.

Our results will speak for themselves. Dental Town offers the level of care, technology, and experience needed to reclaim your smile in a single day. Contact us today or fill out our easy form to book your complimentary consultation and take steps toward your brand-new smile.