How Does it Work?

Rather than the rubber bands, brackets, and bars related to conventional metal braces, ClearCorrect utilizes a sequence of plastic, clear aligner trays to move the teeth. From crookedness to crowding to gaps, ClearCorrect is able to correct the majority of minor to moderate alignments and offer you a more pleasing smile.

To start your session, we will bring you in for a consultation to determine the goals for your smile. Then we will get molds of the teeth. From those molds and your treatment plan, we will have your aligner trays made. You will change to the next tray in the series approximately every two weeks. Every tray will shift the teeth a bit more until you are at your perfect smile.

ClearCorrect Benefits

  • They’re barely noticeable: Your aligners are made using a BPA-free, clear plastic material.
  • Aligners are comfortable: Using plastic aligners customized for the patient’s smile, there’s a substantial decrease in irritated gums and sore cheeks. Patients appreciate a more comfortable experience while using the trays.

It’s possible to eat as you did prior to receiving your aligners: Using metal braces, you must avoid hard and sticky foods that might damage your braces. Since ClearCorrect aligners are removed before every meal, it’s possible to consume the same food you always have.

Flossing and brushing are easier: As you do not need to work around metal orthodontics, flossing and brushing done the same way it’s always been. You can better safeguard your smile against cavities, discoloration and gum problems.

The average time of treatment for adults with ClearCorrect is one year. Improving the alignment of your smile may protect you from problems ranging from gum disease and cavities to bruxism and TMJ disorder. If you are interested in ClearCorrect, call Bedford Dental today at (708) 496-8896.