Dentures can be an effective treatment method for giving you back both the look and function of natural teeth.

Traditional dentures are suction-based, gripping tightly around the jawbone and gum tissue of the top and/or bottom arch. By using strong suction and support from the oral tissues, dentures can remain steady and secure. At Bedford Dental, we are experts in traditional dentures that are made from top-quality, natural-looking materials. These restorations will look like natural teeth. This type of dentures can be removed at any time for cleaning and then can be reinserted for regular use. While it does take time to adjust to the feeling of dentures, many of our patients find that traditional dentures are a relatively easy option for replacing lost teeth.

When dentures are new, patients sometimes report they feel overly large or that they do not have enough space in their mouth for their tongue. Other times, dentures may feel loose. Those feelings are going to affect the way you speak and consume food for a while. Over a period of time, the mouth becomes trained to speak and eat with the dentures, and they start feeling more like natural teeth.

Dentures must be well-cared for and cleaned daily. They are somewhat fragile, so handle them carefully, and never attempt to adjust them on your own. For more information about dentures or to schedule a consultation with our expert team, contact Bedford Dental at (708) 496-8896.