Removable and More Comfortable

Compared to traditional braces, most patients find that Invisalign aligners are more comfortable. They are made of smooth plastic with no hard metal and sharp wires. Another great benefit of Invisalign is that it’s possible to take them out when you need to. Aligners are removed to eat, so there are no food limitations. They are also removed for oral hygiene, allowing you to brush and floss normally. Aligners are to be worn 22 hours per day.

They Work Quickly

Adult patients, on average, complete Invisalign treatment in less than two years. Your treatment time might be shorter or longer, depending on your specific needs.

Invisalign can be used to correct a wide variety of orthodontic issues, including:

  • Bite Issues
  • Gapped Teeth
  • Crowding
  • Crooked Teeth