The goal of the treatment is to save the tooth from extraction. This procedure involves the removal of harmful living material inside of an infected tooth and replacing it with medicated fillings, restoring the function and appearance of the tooth while saving its original structure.

The root canal of a tooth becomes infected when decay spreads to its inner pulp or when a bacterial infection develops inside a tooth or at its root tip. The symptoms of a root canal infection might include:

  • An intense toothache
  • Temperature sensitivities
  • Tender and swollen gums
  • Abscess on the gums

The first step of a root canal treatment is to apply local anesthesia to the tooth and the immediate area around it to reduce or eliminate any pain during the procedure. A rubber sheet is placed around the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading and keep the tooth dry during the process. After the tooth has been prepared, special dental tools are used to access the inner areas of the tooth. The dentist will then remove any infected pulp, damaged nerve tissue and any visible decay.

After all of the unwanted materials have been removed, the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and sealed with a dental filling substance.

In order to protect the tooth, a crown will be placed over its surface. This will also provide normal function and appearance to the tooth.

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