Unfortunately, there are times when damage or decay may leave teeth unfit for restoration, and an extraction is necessary. Our team is skilled in teeth extractions, and we will approach your procedure with care and compassion to maximize your comfort.

Tooth extractions are performed for a patient’s benefit, to either prevent damage to additional teeth or ensure better oral health later. Younger patients who have developing smiles might require tooth extraction to make more room for adult teeth or prepare for orthodontics. For patients who are older, an extraction may remove a source of discomfort and pain.

Whether due to damage, decay or crowding, tooth extraction allows our Bedford Dental professionals to restore your complete dental health and function. For most, it’s the first measure in a bigger treatment strategy to secure a lasting and beautiful smile.

We can walk you through every step of the extraction process and make sure that you’re prepared. Extractions are a typical treatment done in our office with the use of local anesthesia for your comfort.

It is normal if you experience some swelling after your extraction. You may want to use an ice pack on your outer cheek. Typically, a patient can continue with their usual hygiene practices after about 24 hours. In the event of intense pain or bleeding, contact our office immediately.

Bedford Dental blends modern-day dental treatment with a personalized approach leading to a positive experience for our patients. For more information about teeth extractions, contact Bedford Dental today at (708) 496-8896.