Professional teeth whitening is safe, fast, and affordable. Professional teeth whitening at Bedford Dental can restore the color of your smile by removing surface stains and giving you a bright smile that looks natural.

We are proud to use Zoom! Teeth Whitening by Philips, which is one of the top whitening solutions requested by patients.

Zoom! has helped more than ten million people achieve a bright, white smile. In a single session, Zoom! can make your teeth up to eight shades whiter using a safe and effective procedure. Your whitening will be customized to the existing shade of your teeth and the results you desire. A hydrogen peroxide gel will be placed on your teeth and will be activated by an overhead lamp that delivers light to the area. This produces oxygen that enters the enamel and dentin and works on breaking down the stains. The whitening procedure lasts about an hour. Your results can be seen immediately.

Clearly, there’s a lot to be gained by whitening your teeth, and it’s why so many of our dental patients book treatment before a special occasion. For more information on our Zoom! teeth whitening services and other cosmetic treatments, contact Bedford Dental today at (708) 496-8896.