Do I Need To See The Dentist If I Never Have Cavities?

For many patients, hearing that they don’t have any cavities might sound like a clean bill of health. But this just isn’t the case. First and foremost, there is no reason to stop seeing a dentist. The idea that you only need to see a dentist if there is an issue just isn’t true. Our teeth are not the best at alerting us to issues, and some issues can get really bad before you ever notice any symptoms. Tooth loss usually is a surprise to most adults because our teeth don’t show symptoms beforehand. Here are a few reasons to not skip the dentist as an adult, or to make an appointment if it has been a few years since your last visit. And if you live in the Chicago area, you can contact Dental Town Chicago for family dental services at one of our 11 dental offices.

Gum Disease Is As Important As Dental Decay

We might hear our dentist say that we don’t have any cavities and breathe a sigh of relief, but it is important to keep listening. Gum disease is a common concern among adults. Often, when adults are on top of brushing their teeth but not flossing their teeth, it is possible to have few cavities but serious gum disease symptoms. Gum disease is not something you want to ignore. Aside from the fact that gum disease can weaken your teeth at the root level (leading to loose, wiggling adult teeth that fall out prematurely), gum disease can also lead to infection and other illnesses. If your dentist has ever said that you don’t have any cavities, but you need to work on flossing, you need to take that advice seriously. Otherwise, you might end up needing periodontal treatments in the future like deep cleanings or tissue grafting.

Preventative Care Is Better Than Restorative Care

When it comes to your teeth and gums there are really two main categories of dental treatments to focus on. Preventative care like your 6-month check-ins, yearly X-rays, and regular cleanings, and restorative care like dental crowns, bridges, and dental implants. Preventative care is not only less expensive but is preferable to needing to replace adult teeth. As dentists, our goal is for our patients to have healthy natural teeth for as long as possible. Good oral health practices at home and regular visits can help accomplish that goal.

Dental Issues Don't Always Present Symptoms

There is a reason dentists take X-rays and provide exams. Our teeth do not have nerves at the surface, and you often won’t notice problems until they have been around for a long time. Scans and exams are the best way to catch problems when they are still reversible or otherwise easier to treat like with a simple dental filling.

Schedule A Dental Exam in Chicago

If you are an adult who has put off the dentist for more than 6 months, we invite you to schedule a dental appointment with one of our 11 locations in the Chicago area. A quick dental exam can go a long way in protecting your teeth.

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