How Do I Return To The Dentist After Years?

How Do I Return To The Dentist After Years?

There are many reasons you might not have been to the dentist recently. One of the most common periods when people stop going to the dentist is early adulthood. This is because of the constant transitions made during this period. Going from your hometown to a new place, starting a new job, changing health insurance, and other similar life changes can all make it difficult to get to the dentist. But that should never stop you from going back. One common issue we hear from adults is that they were afraid to return to the dentist after having missed so many appointments. In this article, we will discuss why it is important to return to the dentist, how to book a new dental appointment, and what to consider before that first dental appointment in years. If it has been years since you have seen a dentist and you are interested in setting an appointment for yourself or a family member, please contact one of our 10 offices in the Chicago area.

Why It Is Important To See The Dentist Twice Per Year:

Dental issues progress over time. Decay takes place over the course of months. Left unchecked decay can go from a simple cavity to an infection deep in your tooth. The best type of oral care is preventative care. Instead of waiting for there to be an issue, it is important to prevent issues or catch signs early. The reason dentists recommend routine visits is it means that your teeth never have more than 6 months for decay to spread and develop. This usually means catching problems when they are just starting instead of after they have had time to grow. Every additional month or even year you go without seeing a dentist can increase the risks of bigger issues for your teeth and gum.

If I Haven’t Seen A Dentist In Years Will I Have Cavities?

One reason people might be afraid of seeing a dentist after years is that they are worried they will get some bad news. Not seeing the dentist for years doesn’t 100% mean you have cavities or will need a root canal. But the risks of oral decay are higher when you don’t go to the dentist. Not only do you receive exams at the dentist but also cleanings and fluoride treatments. Dentists can often remove plaque that is impossible to remove with just brushing and flossing alone.

Is It Normal To Be Afraid Of The Dentist?

It is extremely common to have dental anxiety at almost any age. Medical treatments can often cause anxiety in young children and teenagers, and that can be carried well into adulthood. If you are anxious or nervous about seeing a dentist, it will be easier to skip it. But you shouldn’t. Find a good dentist that provides care and comfort during your visit. Consider asking coworkers and friends as well as checking online reviews. Be open and honest with your dentist as well. If they understand that you have been putting off a visit because of anxiety or fear, they can try to make things more comfortable during your visit. Dentists are medical professionals that just want their patients to be healthy. There isn’t a dentist on earth who hasn’t had a nervous patient. While dentists can’t make problems magical disappear or tell you that there aren’t any issues when there are issues, they can try and help make you more confident and comfortable during your visit.

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