Why You Should Stop Skipping The Dentist

Why You Should Stop Skipping The Dentist

Have you been skipping the dentist? We won’t guilt trip you about it, in fact, for many adults guilt trips might be one of the main reasons why people stop going to the dentist. To that point, we want to discuss the key reasons why adults stop going to the dentist as well as some reasons and solutions that might make it easier to schedule that return trip. And if you live in the Chicago area and need to make a dental appointment for a patient of any age, please give us a call for dental services. 

Paying For Dental Services & Dental Insurance 

One of the main reasons people skip the dentist is because they are worried about how they will pay for it. Like any medical appointment, there is always concern about how it might affect finances, especially if additional treatments are required or recommended. While many common dental insurance plans cover routine cleanings and preventative care in full, the coverage for fillings, root canals, and other restorative procedures can vary greatly. 


But there are some solutions. Many insurance providers make it easy to find in-network options, and there are many dentists that accept many different plans. Beyond that financing options are often available. Consider asking a dentist about payment options regarding dental treatments and see what is available for you.

Feelings of Shame/Fear Of Needing A Filling/Root Canal

Many people have negative feelings about going to the dentist. This can stem from many different places. For example, many people had negative experiences as a kid. If you went to a dentist that made you feel guilty or made you feel like it was your fault that there was anything wrong with your teeth, it could make it difficult to head back to the dentist. You might be worried about getting a guilt trip or being judged by the dentist. 


There are many great dental offices that provide comfortable, judgement-free dental services. Dentists understand that for many people, going to the dentist can be a difficult experience. A dentist’s job first and foremost is to take care of your oral health. If you are avoiding the dentist your teeth are going to deteriorate. Even with perfect brushing and flossing, decay can start and spread and left unchecked lead to serious dental issues. To that point, that cavity you might have had as a kid might not have been entirely your fault. If you ever had a dentist that made you feel like every dental issue was because you didn’t floss enough, that might have been unfair. There are many factors that lead to decay, the most important thing is to do your best to decrease risk factors and to get treatment early. 

Nothing Seems Wrong With My Teeth

Your teeth are arguably one of the worst areas of your body to trust to tell you when there is an issue. The outer layers of your teeth do not have nerve endings, so you rarely will feel like something is wrong until the problem is already spreading. A dental appointment today can be the difference between hearing “we are noticing the early signs of decay, let’s keep track of this tooth and we will prescribe a fluoride toothpaste for you” & “you are going to need a root canal.” Aside from the fact that dental problems progress over time, there are certain things brushing and flossing just won’t do on their own. Sealants, fluoride treatments, x-rays, and professional cleaning is the strongest way to protect your teeth for a lifetime. 

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