Custom Mouth Guards in Chicago IL: The Best Shield for Teeth

Custom Mouth Guards in Chicago IL: The Best Shield for Teeth

Have you been waking up in the morning with head pain? You might be suffering from bruxism. Those who unconsciously grind, gnash or clench their teeth are affected by the condition. If someone in your family or friend circle alerted you with your grinding and clenching habit during sleep, know that you share the same experience with a lot of people in the US.

Unfortunately, the effects of bruxism, when left unattended, can be great. Insomnia, facial pain, and tooth damage are sure to take place. Some experts pointed out “stress” as one of the factors that cause a person to grind and clench their teeth, making the condition harder to be cured. But to counter its symptoms and protect the teeth from the possible harm of bruxism, our dentist at Dental Town provide an oral device that can be worn by the patient during sleep. The appliance is known as a mouth guard. It cushions and safeguards the teeth to prevent them from wearing. The mouth guard that we at Dental Town offer is customized for each patient to ensure its proper fit.


Mouth Guard


Obviously, it is the person’s tooth enamel that can benefit the most from a mouth guard. The teeth are made up of a hard substance that coats the dentin which secures a bunch of nerves and blood vessels located inside the inner portion of the tooth. When bruxism is tolerated, tooth erosion might occur, leaving the pulp of nerves and vessels exposed. When this happens, the teeth will deteriorate, and pain is more likely to arise. Worst is, the dentist usually requires the person for extraction to get rid of the tooth that had been undesirably eroded.

A mouth guard serves as a shield for the jaw muscle as well. Teeth grinding and clenching do not just affect the teeth, but they also impact the cheeks and jaw. Those who suffer from bruxism typically welcome the morning with a swollen face. While teeth grinding might be challenging to treat, you can always avoid its adverse effects by merely wearing a dental mouth guard at night.

The good news is, mouth guards are not only for bruxism sufferers. Our dentist recommends the use of the teeth protector to those who play contact sports.


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