Facts About Dental Crown Lengthening in Chicago, IL

Facts About Dental Crown Lengthening in Chicago, IL

Have you been labeled as someone with a “gummy smile”? You might probably want to consider a crown lengthening procedure! The treatment is also called gum lift. By undergoing such, your smile will significantly improve.




At Dental Town, dental crown lengthening treatment is always made available for patients. If the procedure was once performed due to the purpose of keeping the oral health in good shape, today dental crown lengthening is acknowledged as a popular cosmetic dentistry technique. If you are planning to invest in it, consider reading these facts below:

  • The treatment is deemed to be surgical as it involves the removal of excess gum tissue and some bones located around the upper teeth. Crown lengthening aims to expose more of the teeth rather than the gums.
  • One advantage of crown lengthening procedure is that patients no longer have to visit the dentist multiple times as the treatment can be finished in a single appointment without any follow-ups required.
  • Normally, the process will be finished with the dentist stitching a specific portion of the patients’ gums. Nonetheless, the whole treatment is completely painless as local anesthesia is administered.
  • Since crown lengthening allows more of the tooth to be shown, brushing and flossing are made easier. In return, patients can decrease their chances of accumulating tooth decay.
  • Dental crown lengthening, however, is not for everyone. For instance, those with wide-looking teeth may not be a good candidate as the procedure will, unfortunately, make the teeth appear too big. On the other hand, patients with gums that are highly noticeable when smiling can benefit from the treatment.
  • At Dental Town, we provide dental crown lengthening as part of our periodontal services. Gum disease may lead to serious teeth damages, and patients usually seek restorative treatment when the problem resides beneath the gum line. In order for the restoration process to take effect, a crown lengthening must be done primarily.


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