Make Your Tooth Extraction Experience a Pleasant One in Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Make Your Tooth Extraction Experience a Pleasant One in Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Despite the advances in professional dental care, there are still a lot of people who experience oral complications that may lead to tooth loss. With it, tooth extraction became a common procedure performed at dental offices. Although dentists want to save the teeth as much as possible, there are some instances where its removal is the best course of action. It is usually recommended when these problems arise: extensive tooth decay, impacted wisdom tooth, advanced periodontitis, tooth fracture below the gumline, and overcrowding.

Tooth extractions have been around for years, yet there are still some people who are unsure or unfamiliar about the procedure. It may be because of the common misconceptions surrounding tooth removal that has been created due to its negative reputation.


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At Dental Town, our patients are assured that measures for saving their tooth come first. Once everything is exhausted, we will then carefully perform a tooth extraction. We can guarantee that the procedure would go as pleasant as possible with the help of our experts and the use of local anesthesia. Aside from these, we also want to share some important things our patients should know about tooth extraction.

  • Before extracting a certain tooth, the dentist would first require the patient to undergo a dental x-ray. The purpose of this process is to know the position of the teeth for the dental professional to decide on how it will be removed accurately.
  • Some people wrongly think that undergoing an extraction may worsen other oral complications. Be aware that the main goal of tooth removal is to get rid of problems like infections or decay that can potentially lead to bigger oral issues and not aggravate it further.
  • During the healing period, patients are not free to eat everything they want. Instead, they are advised to eat soft foods to allow the extraction site to form a clot properly.
  • Brushing should still be observed. The next day following the extraction, patients need to clean the surrounding teeth and the tongue thoroughly.
  • Control swelling by applying cold or hot packs against the cheek near the area where an extraction takes place. Make sure to observe a 20-minute interval for the application of ice packs to avoid any tissue damage.
  • Get enough rest after the treatment and avoid any physical activities that might disrupt the clotting process.


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