How Do ClearCorrect Aligners Work?

How Do ClearCorrect Aligners Work?

ClearCorrect Aligners are an orthodontic treatment that can help straighten teeth. They solve a variety of orthodontic issues including crowding, misaligned teeth, and gaps between teeth. While we often associate orthodontic treatments like traditional braces with teenagers, aligners like ClearCorrect are popular treatments for a variety of age ranges. This is mostly because of the core benefits of ClearCorrect aligners. Unlike traditional metal braces, ClearCorrect Aligners are removable. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of ClearCorrect aligners, the process of getting these aligners, and whether or not aligners might be right for you. Of course, the best way to get started with aligners or other orthodontic treatments is to discuss them with a local dentist. With our 11 locations throughout Chicago, we can help you address your orthodontic concerns, provide pricing/financing, and more information about these treatments.

What Are The Benefits of ClearCorrect Aligners?

ClearCorrect Aligners have many benefits. They are one of the most popular treatments for orthodontic issues. Patients receive custom-made aligners that fit over the teeth similar to a retainer. The teeth are then pushed/pulled closer to an aligned smile. There are multiple pairs of aligners that will be provided over the course of the treatment. Once an aligner set is done, the new aligner set is used until the treatment is completed. This has both cosmetic and functional benefits. Teeth alignment can prevent issues with your bite that lead to more pressure on one side of your face, damage to teeth, damage to your jaw, or other oral issues. Additionally, many patients want straight teeth because of how they look aesthetically.

ClearCorrect has specific benefits compared to traditional braces. Almost all of these benefits stem from the fact that ClearCorrect aligners are virtually invisible and removable. This means people might not be able to see you are wearing ClearCorrect braces unless they are up close. Many people dislike traditional braces because of how they visually change your smile. Additionally, the fact that the aligners can be removed means there are no potential difficulties with brushing/flossing your teeth or with what you can and cannot eat. Traditional braces by contrast often impact your diet and your oral care.

What Is The Process of Getting ClearCorrect Aligners?

There are a few steps to get started with ClearCorrect aligners. First and foremost you need to find a local dentist that provides this service like Dental Town Chicago. Once you find an office you need to set up your initial consultation. Not every patient is an ideal candidate for this treatment. Your orthodontic issues might require a different treatment. Severe orthodontic issues frequently require traditional braces. Smaller to moderate adjustments are usually within the realm of possibility for clear aligners. If you are a candidate for this treatment, your dentist will take X-rays and/or imprints/scans to get measurements for your aligners. After the measurements are taken you will receive your aligners once they have been created. On average patients get new aligners every 4-6 weeks from their dentist or orthodontist until the end of their treatment.

ClearCorrect Aligners in Chicago

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